July 8th Bridget Christie and Phil Nichol

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Bridget Christie- work in progress

This multi award winning comedian returns to her favourite east London comedy club to try out her fabulous jokes on us. Edinburgh Award winner with A Bic For Her in 2013

The show also won the 2014 South Bank Sky Arts Award for Best Comedy, the 2014 Chortle Award for Best Show and a 2014 Hospital 100 Club Award for Performance and Theatre and became the top selling comedy show at Soho Theatre ever.

Her debut BBC Radio 4 series, BRIDGET CHRISTIE MINDS THE GAP was broadcast in April 2013. It won Best Radio at the 2014 Chortle Awards and a prestigious 2014 Rose D’Or International Broadcasting Award for Best Radio Comedy. It was also nominated for a Radio Academy Award 2014. A second series was broadcast in January 2015 and won the 2015 Chortle Award for Best Radio Programme.

Her 2014 tour, a double bill of A Bic for Her and an Ungrateful Woman, won the 2015 Chortle Award for Best Tour.
She was also nominated for a 2014 British Comedy Award for Best Female TV comic for her performance on Have I Got News For You.

Phil Nichol – ‘Too Much’


This show follows the rollercoaster ride of Phil’s hilarious relationship with the modern world. And what a confounding, hilarious and messed up world it is. It’s too much.


The planet is messed up, society has devolved, mankind is hopeless, vegans are right, you aren’t supposed to punch facists, the left are self-righteous morons, everyone is a selfish prick, Phil’s a bleeding hypocrite. It’s all too much. Too much.


Ask yourself this, what kind of person ends up-

-Naked on The Weakest Link?

-Taking two 75 year olds to Glastonbury?

-Arrested for quoting Derek and Clive on a Virgin Train?

-High on Ecstasy in the back of a police car in Lancaster?

-Surviving a Rocket attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan?

-With his nose broken by a Royal Marine in Thailand?

-Listening to his 90 year old mom tell him how madly in love with his father she is?


Phil Nichol. That’s who.