June 9th Paul Foot & Laura Kightlinger


Paul Foot  and Laura Kightlingher £12 here


paul Foot mid shot


Paul Foot ; Image Conscious

Red Imp has been trying to book paul for years. He’s a super star in Australia despite hailing from Amersham.

A message from Paul
“Greetings. I’m Paul Foot, one of the world’s comedians, and I’m here to tell ye about my show. Have you ever considered the unique predicament of the soft-shell crab? Well I have. That animal is absolutely ridiculous. What about the many, MANY problems that occur when organising a suburban orgy? The catering, for example. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, which incidentally is a terrible type of lettuce.”
Paul Foot is known for his musings, rants, “disturbances” and apparent aversion to pop culture. The Daily Express likened him to “a rare exotic bird”, and six national newspapers including The Independent and The Age have described him as “a comedy genius”
A veteran of the Edinburgh festival, Foot always tours Britain with his current show before taking it to Australia after Christmas for the Australian festival circuit. He has also given runs at Montreal Comedy festival as well as selling out at venues in Sweden.

Check out his website HERE and watch a clip HERE

Laura Kightlinger- HBO work in progress

  Laura a stand-up comic,writer and actor. Starring as popular recurring character Nurse Sheila on Will & Grace she has been a consulting producer/writer on the show since its inception. She’s had several half-hour stand up specials on Comedy Central and HBO, and is presently preparing for an hour-long special. She  voiced several characters in Lego Batman, Ninjago and is currently “Dr. Scott” in Dr. Katz: The Audio Files. She was a series regular on HBO’s Lucky Louie, Amazon’s Take My Wife and a featured player for season 20 of Saturday Night Live. Her book, Quick Shots of False Hope, described by the New York Times Book Review as a “memorable, disturbing, and darkly comic debut.,” is being adapted for television.

“Kightlinger’s depiction of her love-hate relationships with family members is memorable, and her self-anger and introspection deepen her idiosyncratic and darkly comic perspective.” Susan Shapiro, New York Times

“Comedian Laura Kightlinger is a striking, tough-jawed beauty who carries her tall frame as if she’d purchased it at a height store and wished she could return it. She tells a story in her act about wanting to help a homeless man outside a deli. She picks up her order and returns to hand the guy five bucks in change. Instead of thanking her, he despondently says, “I thought you were going to give me a sandwich.” To which she says with equal ruefulness, “And I thought you’d want the money for drugs. I guess we both got let down.” Robert Abele, LA WEEKLY

“If Bukowski had a sister, it would be Kightlinger.” Larry David, star and creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Laura is a comic genius. Wil & Grace wouldn’t have the edge it had then and now without her.” Max Mutchnick, co-creator, Will & Grace

“a femme fatale deadpan who took risks leading the audience into hilariously dark, unexpected territory.” Montreal Gazette