“Some of the best names in UK comedy in a super-intimate setting”


By feeding them only choicest comedy cuts available, Walthamstow’s up close and personal Red Imp Comedy club has hand-reared a discerning and imaginative audience as sassy and switched-on as the early alternative comedy crowds, and Susan Murray brings decades of experience to hosting and programming duties.


Red Imp is one of the best clubs in London. A proper gig in a great venue run with real love and commitment. It always gets such an up for it, comedy savvy crown which always  makes it an utter joy to play, I bloody love it.


Red Imp is the perfect comedy club.  The place just rocks with laughter.  Susan Murray has created a real gem, it’s like we’re all in a slightly illicit club.  And you’ll get your money’s worth as none of us want to get off stage. Love it!


Really great room – and well marshalled by a pro like yourself 🙂 No wonder everyone wants to play the room.


A good well-run comedy club with excellent acoustics and sight lines. The audience has a wide age demographic and is comedy cognoscenti which is refreshing at a time when people learn their Pavlovian reactions from the TV (see Michael McIntyre). A great room to catch both seasoned and nascent comedy talent.


Top night top MC!…always great acts whether you’ve heard of them or not…well worth the price of a couple of pints (AND there’s great ale and the best pizza!)


Last night I went to watch the stand up comedy show. Which was brilliant. It was amazing.
As a foreigner (ok, ok, immigrant) I find the British stand up comedians very funny, witty and talented and every time I have the chance, I don’t say no to any show. So it is a real treat having stand up comedy on our doorsteps and we should all thank Susan Murray for bringing happiness to Walthamstow. Last night we’ve seen Dana Alexander, Simon Feilder and Bob Mills.

It was a fantastic night and all the gigs were very good quality.
I was particularly impressed by Bob Mills (and not because I had a couple of drinks before) because he was so natural and funny. What a fantastic comedian, I couldn’t stop laughing, had tears in my eyes and probably dislocated my jaw and the diaphragm. This morning I had a bad back from laughing 🙂

The whole audience was mesmerized and he was oozing funniness through all the pores in the most natural and effortless way. Sometimes I was laughing before he even talked. One of those rare moments when you laugh so much that you forget where you are. He was hilarious. But what I liked most about it was that his jokes had substance and brilliance. The kind of jokes that are funny, clever and educative (in a good way). Or just hilarious. 😀

What an amazing night!

Be happy!


I love this night. My face aches at the end of every session. Highly recommended.


Hugely enjoyable evening of fun with Ronnie Golden, Barry Cryer and the delightfully potty mouthed MC Susan Murray. I’m of an age whereby I remember Barry Cryer from my childhood but if you asked me from what you’d get a blank look, I just know he was popular.Susan Murray warmed up the audience with some jokes and ‘banter’ with some of the audience, avoid the front row if you don’t like participation sports, before Ronnie took to the stage and entertained with a medley of jokes and songs and impressions (well, there was one but it was a good ‘un)The second half was quickly under way after a refreshment break and then Barry had everyone in stitches with a collection of jokes, anecdotes and rounding it of with a few songs, aided by Ronnie on guitar.It was all over far too soon but isn’t that often the way when you’re enjoying yourself? Luckily you can pretty much be guaranteed a good night of similar shenanigans at the Red Imp Comedy Club but Shhhhh… don’t tell everyone, space is limited!


Absolutely amazing!


Excellent comedy venue! Proper up close and personal comedy, amazing line-ups of stars and top circuit talent, all handily near a tube station. Highly recommended.