July 5th Mark Thomas & Mike Gunn


Mark Thomas-Predictable

mark_thomas WIP photo by steve ullathorne


Few predicted the events of the past year.Mark sets out to find what the future has in store for us by asking the audience what their predictions for the future are, creating a fantastical, hilarious and sometimes accurate vision of the world.This show is all about gambling on the future.Based along the lines of his 2011 show ‘Manifesto’ Mark takes suggestions from the audience to create a snapshot of the future.16+. 60 mins (no interval)


MIKE GUNN- work in progress

mike gunn

This show will ruthlessly explore the relationship between the impact of the Cultural Revolution on China, Vicks vapo-rub and life as performance. With influences as diverse as David Icke, Deepak Chopra and Katie Price, a multiplicity of tragi-comic variations will be synthesized from both orderly and random discourse. And there will be knob jokes.Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the human condition, the differences between cats and dogs and big boobies. What started out as contemplation however, soon mutated into a tragedy of defeat, leaving only a lingering sense of unreality and pointlessness. And the fascination with big boobies.My goal is to bring the audience face to face with their own preconceived hierarchy of cultural values, to question their assumptions of artistic worth and ultimately confront them with the pointlessness of reading a description of a non-existent show. There will be no reference to me looking through a crow’s beak.

The List “Piercingly funny…Fiendishly funny as dry as a dead mans bones”

The Guardian “Mike Gunn will make you die laughing”

Time Out Dubai – Highly commended comedy award 2014

Walthamstow's Premier Comedy Club at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre Bar 55 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London, E17 4SA 020 8509 3880